Marsha Long has performed all around the world. In concert halls and cathedrals she has used her talent to uplift the human spirit.

Four thousand people attended Dr. Long’s inspiring Aurgust 11, 2002 sacred concert at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris! The program included Bach/Dupre Sinfonia from Cantata 29, her own composition, JE VOUS SALUE MARIE (French premiere) Naiades of Vierne’s Pieces de Fantasie, Dupre’s Prelude and Fugue no. 1 Op. 7, Liszt AD NOS and concluded with an improvisation on American Quaker and Shaker Tunes. Marsha came to Paris with her mother, Berta Casey Long who is also active in church music.

Dr. Long is a frequent organist, harpist, and vocalist on the Prayer Channel of Brooklyn.

Marsha Long closeup

Dr. Long performed on the Eternal Word Network (EWTN). Countless viewers enjoyed her performance and were inspired by her music.

Other international concerts:

blond castle

Marsha Heather Long has performed extensively throughout Europe, having given recitals in France at Notre Dame de Paris,La Madeleine, Basilique de St. Denis, the American Cathedral, St. Severin, St. Germain d’Auxerrois, St. Michael’s English Church, Gerardmer’s St. Barthelemy, the International Organ Festival de St. Aignon,Eglise de la Bon Retour on the Cote d’Azur,St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, the Festival d’Orgues de Sarrebourg, the 1990 Festival d’Orgue de la Val Michaelis Kirke, Vienna’s Schubertkirche; Rome’s eternal St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican among others.

Dr. Long was a featured performer 22nd International Organ Festival in France. October, 2004