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graceful harpist
Your music is absolutely beautiful. ~ EJ, OH
I bless you because youconsisder “La Virgen María” in your projects. ~ S.S.G., Mexico
I recently heard you on my XM Satellite radio on the SPA channel. You were playing a beautiful piece with wonderful, exquisite tone!
Because I love the music from the movie “Somewhere in Time,” I have been listening to various clips on YouTube. I came across your rendition of Rachmaninoff Paganini XVIII. I want you to know that I think that your musical talent is only matched by your obvious external beauty and femininity. May you continue to experience much success. ~ J B.C., Canada
Dear Ms. Long, I just want you to know what a beautiful touch your music added to today’s service. Your playing filled the air, it was both alive and soothing. A number of people commented on it, so I thought I should pass this along. Best wishes. ~ Dr. G.
I pulled out you super-gourmet Romantic French & German Organ Music CD a couple weeks ago and have been replaying it ad nauseum -much to my roomates and next-door-neighbors dismay I’m sure. (I have a very, very huge and powerful stereo system in my apartment which does total justice to the massive sound of the Jongen, Dupre & Reger!!) I am truly in love with EVERY piece on this recording! Its been a great educational experience for me as I’m listening to all of these pieces for the first time (except, of course, the Carillon). Do you re-visit your recordings a lot? I certainly hope so; and that you find great pride and joy in your tremendous music-making ~ and then fill up with great gratitude for the awesome gift G.O.D. has given you and the awesome instruments on which you have had the great good fortune to perform. I know you deserve it and treasure it all!
Just found you while searching for organ music. You are magnificent. Love your music. ~ M., Newton MA
It was so beautiful to hear Marsha sing with her mother at the Mother-Daughter Concert on May 31…Now we know where Marsha’s talent comes from!The spanish duet was so heartfelt and touching to me..Casey has a small frame but a a big rich voice with incredible breath control as well! Now we’re waiting for their Mother/Daughter CD! ~ RP
We recieved your Ave Maria CD yesterday evening. We ordered it for my husband’s mother who is living with us now. She is in a lot of pain and is winding down her race through this life. Your music is the one thing other than her prayer time that brings her so much peace. Thank you for sharing your talent, and thank you for being so gracious as to call us! God is blessing so many through you, His good and faithful servant. It is evening now, and we are going to listen to the Ave Marias again. ~ yours, in Christ, Bob, Judy and Jane
Oh my God, How could anyone be that beautiful AND that talented as well? Just saw you for the first time on singing Ave Maria. Thanx ~ Vince, FL
Way to go, Marsha ~ W.F.
Thank you, I am training to be a priest in Ireland , pray for me. I found this web page through Father Jeffrey’s web page on you tube. ! C. M., Belfast
23 Heard Ave Maria on youtube.You have a healing voice.God bless you. ~ S.H., Delhi India
I just want to thank you for your music ministry. It has been a real blessing for me here at St.Michaels.May the Lord bless you and be a lamp to light your pathways. ~ S, NY
“…le plaisir d’etre berce par un Ange:toi!”(a pleasure to be rocked by an angel:you!) ~ J.V., France
Thank you so much for your music at the memorial… it was so beautiful and prayerful. ~ J.M., NYC
Thank you for your performance aired this week on EWTN, my 1 and 2 year old were memsorized by your harp performance. (and well behaved afterward;) Your music has complemented the original score tremendously and imparts deep sense of peace in an jumbled world. If Christmas in Alaska factors into your vacation plans, consider joinging us in performing at our Christmas Midnight Mass. ~ Sincerely, B. M., Anchorage AK
I saw you perform the other night on tv.I thought it was so beautiful and inspiring,I am going out to get some of your wonderful music. ~ J.R., Florida
Saw your performance on EWTN Television. Outstanding performances!! Have you ever considered performing on a regular TV for more exposure so more of the world can see your great talent W.M IL message: I just watched your performance on E.W.T.N.I saw a performance a few months ago. This time I watched for your email so i could forward it to my granddaughter who is studying music at K.U.She is just finishing her first year. Obviously,I consider you a beautiful example of an entertainer worthy of being an inspiration to a young woman considering her future. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful talent.You have been richly blessed and may you never tire of sharing your blessings. ~ Thank You K.C.
Dr Long, I heard you perform on ‘Backstage’ on ETWN. I fell asleep with my tv on and was awaken by the voice of an angel. You are an incredible talent and very blessed! I will buy your cd’s. I am in NY three or four times a year and hope we can meet some day. I wish you much success and God bless you!! ~ Mark, Texas
Beautiful, inspiring,music. I use it to meditate. Wonderful!!! ~ L.L., Brooklyn
Your music is stunning and I love it. ~ Fr A. Melbourne
All I ask of you (Phantom of the Opera song) You are an artist comparable to no one! A.Q. NY
On Sunday March 26, 2006 I attended mass at St. Michael’s Church and my wife and I had the pleasure of hearing your beautiful voice and organ playing… May you continue to share your blessings with others … R.B. NY
My 7 year old granddaughter asked me to give her a copy of your Ave Maria CD for her birthday! She heard me playing mine loved it so much she wanted a copy of her own. ~ WI
Beannachtai La Feile Padraig An Eireann. Deoch an ol innui. ~ Baile Atha Clitha
A rare talent that is able to touch one at the deepest level of humanity… ~ G.B., Long Island, NY
Marsha, I saw you first on a television station here in Clovis, CA since then I have been trying to find some way to get your music and find out more about you. I love the way you sing and play the harp and use the soothing bells in your songs. My son built a computer for me and I was so thrilled that I finally was able to find out more about the ‘Beautiful and very talented’ Marsha Long. I can’t wait to get my CD’s. God bless you for the unbelieveable talent you have and are sharing with so many people. I will be ordering your CD’s as fast as you make them. I love this type of truly glorious music! ~ A fan of yours forever, D. M., CA
I enjoyed your concert at St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Brick, NJ as well as the French & German Romantic Organ CD ~ M.M., NJ
I just listened to your Angel Rhapsody CD. It is so peaceful and beautiful. I’m looking forward to getting more of your CDs. I look forward to hearing you ‘live’ on day. May God bless you. ~ E.D., NY
Great CDs! ~ Dr. F.L., NY
We enjoy your lovely recording..your music is so peaceful and your photos so wonderful ~ Madame and Monsieur P.C. Les Vosges, France
Dr. Long is an angel sent from above to sow beauty and love among God’s creatures. May she never depart from us! ~ B.P.B., NY
Your Angel Rhapsody CD is fantastic! Looking forward to your concert on December 11! ~ B.B., SI NY
Angel Rhapsody is wonderful, and original — I’d never before heard anything like it. ~ T.G.
Dear Dr Long, did really enjoy some of your creations would love to see you in Nashville, I live near by. any suggestions on getting ivitation to hear you? ~ F.S., TN
I have never heard your voice before; but have been listening to your to Ave Marie Hope to hear you live one day. ~ Thank you, JZ, IL
Nice site, its great to see you keep guestbook family friendly. YOur music is great. ~ M, Alabama
I heard you playing the harp and singing this evening and I was just astounded. It surely was a ‘heavenly’ experience. Hope to see AND hear you again soon. Thanks again for the treat. ~ B, Brooklyn
Hey I appreciate you making such a beautiful site to tell people about your beautiful music. ~ B.C., NY
A few years ago, I turned on the TV and saw, and heard for the first time Andrea Bocelli. To experience such a Heavenly voice and talent for the second time is amazing! I seek no more! I now have heard with human ears, an angel’s voice with an angel’s harp. Thank you so much for the joy that you have brought to me, which will be shared with my children, grandson and family. Thank EWTN for continued quality programming. ~ In friendship and faith, HCM, Florida
I heard your music on XM radio. I was Astounded. Your music made me so calm I just could’t believe it! ~ LF
O recently watched you perform on EWTN’s Backstage. It was so beautiful and mesmerizing I’m purchasing your CD. I would like to see you perform live. ~ MO, Delaware
Walk in beauty! ~ D
I just heard you Backstage 7/28/05. You inspired me to dance and I forgot I have a fractured toe! It hurts a little now but you not only are a beautiful woman, you inspire prayer and dance from listening to your heavenly voice. Thank you for sharing your gift from God. ~ AR, Massachusetts
Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts to make our world a better place. ~ H.S., Grand Cayman
Just viewed your Backstage performance. One word sums it up. Splendid!!! ~ GC, Alabama
I say you for the first time tonight on EWTN and was stunned by your exquisite talent. What precious gifts the Lord has given you! God bless you for using them so well! ~ SC, Maryland
Beautiful music on EWTN Thursday Night. ~ LS, Florida
I just want to say ‘Hello’ and to tell you how fantastic you were on EWTN. I was mesmerized. Your talent and obvious Faith are very inspiring. Hopefully I will see you in person someday. In the meantime I will be purchasing your Ave Maria CD. May you and your family have a blessed Easter. ~ Kevin, NY
I saw you last night on EWTN and listened to your beautiful voice with
my 6 month old. You were wonderful! God bless. ~ ML, MA
Enjoyed your concert -hope to see more on coming programs. ~ YO, MA
I watched you last night on EWTN for the first time. I like to thank you from my heart. ~ AG, MA
Thank you for healing and inspiration. I watched you on EWTN and felt
so uplifted. God Bless you! ~ MH, AR