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Your beautifully harmonious vibes in-vade, inspire, & DEFINITELY increase
my Joi de Vivre! ~ NY, NY
Marsha Performed ‘Love Songs’ for valentines Day at our Senior Center. We had a large crowd of people to attend the concert and they just loved it. It was such a wonderful show, Marsha sang opera, played the piano, did a sing along, danced and of course played her beautiful harp. It was a great success. We were so lucky to have her with us on this lovely day. Thank you so much Marsha for the time you spent with us at the Senior Center. It was wonderful. ~ JASA West Side Senior Center
Une fois de plus, je tiens à vous féliciter de votre exécution de l’Ave Maria de vos interprétations en général à la harpe, J’adore votre CD, qui me repose tellement quand je me mets au lit. Vous êtes vraiment douée! ~ John
My husband and I came home one evening, and sat down to rest, turning on the TV. I began to channel surf to see what was on, when we saw you singing on a PBS show. We were immediately captivated, and couldn’t move the remainder of the show. believe you have to be in an angelic partnership. Your performance was so beautiful and touching. ~ J.W.
I believe you have to be in an angelic partnership. Your performance was so beautiful and touching.
We love your music and we send our love to you. ~ B. and B., Baton Rouge LA
Beautiful! (Singing and instruments!) Dr. Long provides inspiration and light for living in a sometimes gloomy world. ~ LM
Love your music. I work for Hospice and want to use your music as release and comfort. ~ D.D., Dalton GA
I cannot express my thoughts about how very talented you are. Perhaps there are no words. Wonderful and other words we hear so often seem such an understatement, but I can tell you how very much you touched my heart. I could not hear your versions of Ave Maria without tears welling up in my eyes. Thank you again for sharing your talents with all of us. We are all better for hearing you. ~ A.S., California
It was a great pleasure to see you on the EWTN Encore presentation the other night. It was the first time I had seen you perform and it was simply wonderful. God has blessed you with great talents in so many areas and I thank God that he blessed me with being able to witness them on EWTN the other night. I hope someday in the not too distant future you will be able to travel to my fair city where I can enjoy your music and voice live and in person. Until then may God always bless your wonderful voice and music. ~J.C., New Orleans
Thank you for your music. ~ Carl, Memphis TN
‘Ave Maria: The Universal and Timeless Hymn’ arrived today …. and now will be resolved the vexing question as to whether one can actually wear out a cd. ~ B.D.M.
Thank you for your comforting and inspirational renditions at the funeral services of my dear friend, ~ R.E.A. NYC, DFH
Your playing restores my faith in humanity and makes me proud to be human. ~ G.M. Paris
Caught you on Radio. Immediately called the 800 number found on your website and ordered your Ave. Maria CD. ~ T.L. Ohio
Absolutely fantastic – enjoyed every moment – only wish there was more thanks for a very enjoyable evening ~ D.M City: Cairo, Egypt
Thanks, Dr. Long, for all your fine work. This weary old world needs it. ~ T.D. Nevada
This writer is among that burgeoning class of people who become complete devotees upon their first experience of the music, charity, inner strength and ethereal beauty of Dr. Marsha Heather Long. The total spectrum of this lady, now serenely reverent, now sparkling with a pixie smile, makes of her the most fascinating performer, the most beautiful person and the most womanly woman. ~ B.D.M., Texas
Thank you for your comforting and inspirational renditions at the funeral services of my dear friend in NYC. ~ D.F.H
Seen Marsha on EWTN and loveed her concert. Hope to see her again on EWTN. ~ Barbara and Lynn
Really an excellent site – keep it going… greetz from Vienna/Austria and – stay creative!!
Dear Dr. Marsha Long: I caught your program on EWTN. I was enchanted.
Thank you! God continus to richly bless you. ~ Sincerely, A. L. instructor and composer
Saw you on television. Thanks for your wonderful music. Keep it on the air.
I’ll make this as pithy as possible. I was pleasantly surprised to see you again last night (7/8/04) on Backstage EWTN. I just cannot comprehend your ability to accompany yourself and sing with such professionalism. I would need help untangling my fingers from the strings. I have also found playing your CD while driving is most peaceful and relaxing. Hope to see you again soon, both on TV and here in the Midwest area. Fantastic!! Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum. ~ B.K.
I just saw you on EWTN and I’ll be on my way to the Catholic bookstore to find your CD or get it ordered. I’m discerning a vocation but if I were getting married I would cerrtainly honor the sacrament of matrimony with your music. ~ C.B., TX
I loved your truly UNIQUE performance on EWTN’s ‘Backstage’. You sing and play the harp just like I always wished I could have! 🙂 ~ DH in WV
God bless you on your heavenly ministry…..You inspired me with your
Backstage performance….a blessing of a treasure….I thank God our roads metin His timing…. ~ Blessings, Mary Jane
A haunting voice singing haunting music–what a heavenly combination! ~ F.E.
Wonderful and highly original program that lovers of all music should appreciate.
I heard your enchanting music for the first time yesterday at St. Vincent’s – I am now a fan for life! Thank you for autographing my CD and making so sure I got my change! You are as lovely as your music and put me in mind of an angel. It was like a little piece of heaven on earth – right smack in mid-town! God bless you, your wonderful Mother who had you and your God-given talents! ~ Liz Staten Island, NY
Was deeply inspired by your St. Patrick Cathedral concert on June 6. ~ J.M.
Saw your EWTN backstage performance. Extemely well done. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Must have many more encores. Congratulations! ~ B.K.
I was spellbound by your ‘Backstage performance.’ ~ J F
Just viewed Marsha Long on PBS and I am profoundly struck by her incredible voice and her versatility… what a true gift she is. Please encourage Marsha to nurture her wonderful talent, and please try to win her broader exposure so many more of us needing comfort and solace can experience the healing effects of her God given gifts. Thank you and God bless you all. ~ PM
Dear Dr.Long: Tonight I sat alone in my house here in the woods of western Louisiana and ‘surfed’ satellite television until I stopped on EWTN and your singing ( the backstage special) As a retired professor and as a Christian who has undergone several trials in the past several years, I want to thank you for your wonderful singing ability and musical talents. Truly they are gifts from God! Your renditions of Ave Maria were a special blessing to me tonight as thunderstorms and heavy rains dominated the outside sounds. Music soothes the soul and inspires the body to heal! And tonight I needed that badly… Please know that you are a blessing and are encouraged to continue sharing your gifts with others. I will buy your album to continue to allow it to bless me and others. Thank you for following the Holy Spirit! God bless you ! ~ L.M. In the woods, Louisiana
Hello Marsha, It was very inspiring and wonderful to hear your beautiful voice singing for our Lady. It was so beautiful to see how you displayed the Rosary while singing. Catholics are not the majority living in the south and it was wonderful to see on TV (EWTN). Your voice is beautiful and inspiring. I am looking forward to getting your Ave Maria CD. Thank you. ~ D.B.
I enjoyed very much your performance on the Catholic channel. I sent all info. to a few friends. I really like Ave Maria Shubert.I used to sing when i was very young, You are fabulous………… Praise God! best wishes……….. ~ Frank.P
Enjoyed your concert on EWTN last night. You touch my heart with your gifts. God Bless.. ~ Phil D
Hello! Love Your Ave CD! To justify an absolute favorite is like asking, which do you like best, ice cream or candy. At any rate here goes. No.1 (Track-2) No.1-1/2 (Tracks 4-5-6) No. 2 (Track 18) Have become a HARP freak since seeing you on EWTN.
Saw you on t.v. last night and am HOOKED! It was a casual show on ch 17 (ewtn??) Your music is beautiful and inspiring and spiritual. Thank you! ~ L. E.
Dr. Long: Your recent EWTN performance was simply marvelous – exquisitely beautiful. I’m purchasing your Ave Maria CD today, and looking forward to hearing it shortly. Best wishes, and thank you.
Marsha, I recently watched a TV with you performing some of your music and had to let you know it was great… a new fan
I’m from the Chicago, IL. area (Aurora actually). Your Ave Maria CD has been purchased from St. Paul Alba House, just waiting for delivery. Hope you head our way soon. Again, congratulations, well done. ~ F.K.
As I reviewed the site I was impressed to see the dedication and charitable work you are doing with people with disabilities. ~ S.F.
I bought your CD at a Pauline Book and Media Center. The music is fabulous. ~ JJK
I love the Gallic Ave Maria. It stirred my Irish blood. ~ J O’B
Your music gives me goosebumps! Those high Cs are something else! ~ TR