Marsha in Cathedral

The People are Listening

Attentive audience at St. Patrick's Cathedral
A studio photo.

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Fr. Val LaFrance O.P. made the following observation, “As an itinerant preacher for the Dominican order, my engagements have spanned over 40 years with almost double that number of churches visited annually. In all this travel and time, I do not recall experiencing the sheer beauty, power, and intelligent singing voice possessed by Marsha Long. She is a rare gift to the Church.”

Nigerian Jesuit priest Richard Omaladi on hearing "Ave Maria: The Universal and Timeless Hymn" stated "Dr. Long exhibits a superb mastery of the complexity of the talking drum, her pronunciation of Yoruba is clear and her overall performance inspiring.”

Cantor Richard Botton, Cantor Emeritus of the Central Synagogue in New York City, on hearing the CD wrote, “Marsha
Long is an extraordinary talent. She is proficient in playing the organ, the harp, as well as other instruments, and she possesses a beautiful soprano voice. She uses that extraordinary instrument to sing with great charm, passion and spirit. She is an extremely gifted performer.”

H.R.H (Prince) Victor Emmanuel of Savoy who wrote, “my congratulations to the many you no doubt will receive for your outstanding voice and music demonstrated on your Ave Maria CD.”

Benedict Groeshel stated “as background music this CD is an excellent help for prayer and meditation.”

Cardinal 0'Connor "Hauntingly beautiful and ethereal"