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Reviewers from a wide selection of magazines and newspapers from around the world rave about Dr. Long's performances
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New York Times,
Long is "inventive...

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"Her program bristled with bravura showpieces...yet Long dispatched them with apparent nonchalance. With her immaculate technique and colorful approach to registration. ... she has built an international career in a relatively short time." The Los Angeles Times

"Long is an artist who gets all the elements of her performance impeccably right, and yet still produces telling, thrilling, and musically compelling performances." Fanfare

"Sumptuous...Long's playing is vital and robust." Gramophone

"If you want a feast of superb organ sound plus virtuoso playing of a very high order, here it is."
The Musical Times England


"Long's superb performances of 26 versions of Ave Maria range from haunting (Je vous salue Marie) to winsome (Üdvozlégy, Maria!) to ethereal (Arabic Ave). There's even an American Pop version. Long's rich Soprano and practiced instrumentals make this an album you can listen to again and again." Catholic Digest, May 2003

"Marsha Long's album Romantic French and German Organ Music is still, in my opinion, the most 'atmospheric' solo album ever recorded on the remarkable Skinner/Aeolian-Skinner instrument at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York." Michael Barone, Pipedreams.